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Here at Upbeat we believe that the music supervision of a wedding must be distinctive, authentic, escaping clichés, following the unique relationship of the couple and adapting to their musical tastes and philosophy!


We strongly believe that every moment has its own magnitude and every melody triggers emotions that can take-off any event!


Our DJ’s will never face your wedding as another ordinary occasion!

Interaction between Upbeat and its customers over all these years has proven that music supervision and playlist setting-out is the key element that leads to successful events!


What do you desire? An experienced DJ to rock the dancefloor? Or a band to uplift your guests? Do you prefer both? Even better combined with a string quartet or a sax player? Upbeat will make your wish come true, creating a fantastic scenery!


Unique, inspirational, specialized: this is how a brilliant wedding night, a christening party or a private dance event should be and we undertake to make it just like this!

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